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Bringing the Golden Age of Advertising into the Digital Age, ALLOY combines classic aesthetics with today's technology. We will be posting images that inspire us, as well as our own work. We encourage feedback in order to understand and respond to our followers and clients, so don't be shy--send us messages! Since this is extremely new, we are still in build mode, so feedback is desperately needed to make this a better space! If you see something in Advertising, Graphic Design, Interactive Design, or anything you think is something we may be interested in, send it to us! Thanks, Erika and Jeffrey


Coke Can Glass. Very cool. #coke


Coke Can Glass. Very cool. #coke

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Genuis. So Genius.

The colors, the container, the dribble of paint around the rim: nothing was overlooked on this design for Johnny Cupcakes.

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